Developmental Editing

Beyond the Sales Process: 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer-Driven World

When sales experts Steve Andersen and Dave Stein teamed up to write a book, they faced a substantial challenge. The prospective co-authors had a wealth of complex and complementary knowledge to share with their wide-ranging B2B audience, yet they each led thriving businesses that consumed much of their time and attention. Their viewpoints aligned consistently, but their “voices” were very different. The collaboration cried out for a seasoned editor and project administrator who could play a more significant role than simply reviewing drafts and fine-tuning text.

As their development editor, I embraced Steve and Dave’s project objectives and their lexicon, helped organize their varying approaches and respective schedules into an effective workflow, integrated their writing styles into a unified narrative voice, and protected the integrity of their manuscript through rapidly evolving iterations.

Beyond the Sales Process: 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer-Driven World (AMACOM: 2016) is the result of our two-year collaboration.

Stand Out: Design a Personal Brand, Build a Killer Portfolio, and Find a Great Design Job

In Stand Out, Design a Personal Brand, Build a Killer Portfolio, and Find a Great Design Job (2016: Peachpit Press), author and Kean University Professor Denise Anderson offers students and other job-seeking designers a refreshing departure from conventional portfolio-building manuals. Both a content-rich textbook and an inspirational guide, Stand Out lays out a logical, step-by-step process for finding work in the field of design: identifying and promoting a personal brand, assembling a portfolio that meets today’s technical requirements, garnering the attention of potential employers, and interviewing successfully.

As development editor, I helped unify Denise’s Graphic Design Portfolio classroom curriculum with her instructional style and voice to develop straightforward, engaging, and conversational text that is virtually effortless to read and absorb. Under a fixed timeline, we worked closely together to develop the book’s infrastructure, organize chapters, obtain and edit materials from expert contributors, seek appropriate permissions, and maintain productive interactions with the publisher’s representatives.

Excerpts from Stand Out are available at

Pinnacle Publications

Based in Central New York, Pinnacle Publications produces custom magazines on behalf of commercial clients, who use them to support their marketing and sales efforts. As editor, I researched and wrote articles, developed and managed content, oversaw quality control, and worked with a network of partners to produce relevant stories, supplemented by arresting imagery, to engage readers and advertisers. Some of these magazines included Rough Cuts and Fine Finishes for Abrasive-Tool Corporation, Rigging for JPW Riggers, Inc., and MT Solutions for Monroe Tractor’s Construction and Agricultural divisions.

Matters magazines

Community-based Matters publications—the brainchild of marketing pro and longtime Marlboro, New Jersey, resident Stephen Dick—debuted its premiere issue in Spring 2007. Highlighting the activities of the people who live and do business in and around the Township, Marlboro Matters quickly became the community’s must-read, feel-good publication, with a substantial base of local business advertisers. Within two years, the magazine expanded into neighboring communities, including Manalapan and Freehold.  Brought in to serve as the magazine’s original editor, I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and defining the magazine’s editorial direction and style, identifying contributors and resources, developing and maintaining productive relationships with community leaders, and developing a program to support ad sales.

Business Communications